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Adphocat99 GNC-Adphocat

Adphocat99- Continuous Self-sterilization

Adphocat99 is a multipurpose surface disinfectant which not only has instant killing of more than 99.999% of bacteria and virus (H1N1, Human Corona Virus, strain 229E), but also has continuous killing up to 365 days. It turns the coated surface into self-sterilized surface, automating more than 99.99% of bacteria and virus killing. Adphocat99 kills wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses, prevent cross contamination, giving the best protection to the user.
Adphocat99 also can be sprayed onto fabric face mask, granted additional bacteria & virus killing efficacy in additional to bacteria filtration efficacy. There are many disposable or reusable fabric face masks rolled out in the market, each with certain tests complied including bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) according to ASTM F2101. Most of the masks have a BFE of >95% or >98%. However, many people misunderstand that BFE is tested on the outer layer of the face mask. In fact, it is tested at the inside layer, which indicates how well the inside layer will block the aerosol of the user from coming out. 95% BFE will mean the mask is at 95% effective to block the aerosol of the user from coming out. At this point, an antimicrobial coating at the outer layer becomes important to reduce the bacteria and viruses coming from outside.

Adphocat99 reduces 99.99% bacteria and virus (includes Human Coronavirus E229) in just 1 minute tested by accredited laboratory according to EN1276. Even though most facemasks do not test the BFE at the outer layer, assuming the filtration efficiency is 90%, 10,000 bacteria landed on the facemask, there will be 1000 viable bacteria that will go into the lung. That is a big risk. Assuming there is additional Adphocat99 coating which kills 99.99% of bacteria, only 1 bacterium will survive. With the 90% of bacteria filtration presence, zero bacteria will enter the lung. This greatly reduces the risk of the user. It significantly reduces your risk, especially when you need to attend meetings, as well as other people’s safety are protected.

Adphocat99 is versatile and suitable to be sprayed on various surfaces including furniture, car seats, toys etc. The application method is simple. Simply spray evenly on the targeted hard surfaces using automated spray gun or directly from spray bottle, and left air dried. Buff off the excess if spray on high gloss surface. For clothing or uniform, ironing the clothing after spraying with Adphocat99 will increase the durability. From internal testing, it last for 3 cycles of machine washes. For facemask, it should be left fully dried before usage. 

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