TEX-Adphocat TEX-Adphocat

TEX-Adphocat+ is specially designed Adphocat for coating a self-disinfecting layer onto textile. It able provide a highly resistant coating on consumer garment, which can withstand up to 60 washes (Based on AATCC TM172 standard). It can be coated on textile clothing, fabric knitted mask and consumable textile such as cushion, mattress and curtains, for high antimicrobial properties and give greater protection to users. 


TEX-Adphocat+ can kill both bacteria and viruses (>99%) Please refer to the certificate for more details. From the testing, TEX-Adphocat+ reduces >99.9% MRSA as fast as 10 min under fluorescent light (indoor light) irradiation. Since the coating can last for 60 machine washes, assuming it is coated onto hospital linen to granted self-cleaning properties, and if it is only washed once every 7 days, the linen can easily last for 365 days, which helps the hospital to save cost without compromising safety of the patients. 

Some of the value proposition of TEX-Adphocat+ comparing to existed market antimicrobial additive are
1. Lower dosage of active ingredients without compromising the efficiency.
    - Lower dosage means less cost to the manufacturer 

2. Easy and friendly application for manufacturer
    - The coating process of TEX-Adphocat+ is relatively simple. TEX-Adphocat is in paste form and it can be coated onto fabric via screen printing or roller coating, follow by a mild curing
      temperature. Reach out to us for more technical information


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