About Us
ADPHOCAT is driven by a deep passion to address the challenges faced by resilient cities, with a specific focus on recovering the lost balance of nature, creating spaces that are free from pollutants and stress. Leveraging our expertise in developing innovative solutions, we tackle pressing issues such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harmful microbes (including SARS-CoV-2), and other pollutants that significantly impact the well-being of occupants. Our unwavering commitment lies in creating a healthier and safer built environment by harnessing advanced photocatalytic technologies and offering products that enable self-cleaning and self-sterilizing interiors. Furthermore, we enhance our solutions by compliment the power of negative ions, which are renowned for their stress-reducing properties, allowing nature to be fully present in your surroundings. By promoting clean air and enhancing occupant health, we strive to establish new benchmarks in resilient spaces, leading to improved lives for individuals worldwide.
Adphocat's Advantages
>99% virus killing
(modified ISO 18184)
>90% of removal of volatile organic compounds
Green technology
Safe to human
body and skin
Environmentally friendly
Long lasting performance

Our Products
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